Deck the Halls with Macro Follies

Bill Moyers interviews Lew Rockwell circa 2007. You have to love the poise, candor, and directness of Lew as he rebuts conventional statist myths. Don’t neglect Part 2!

Masters of Money: Friedrich Hayek

A 60 minute BBC biography of Hayek, his battle with Keynes, and his lessons for the present economic crisis. While incomplete, it is as fair as can be expected by such a mainstream source. Definitely worth watching.

*Two other segments on Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes

The Crisis of Credit

A useful illustration of how the financial crisis of 2008 occurred.

Is gold money?

My man, Ron Paul, sticking it to “the man.”

Can you spot the difference?
Hat tip to Tom Woods.

Can you spot the difference?

Hat tip to Tom Woods.

How does a politician create a job? Lol

A lengthy but fantastic read.

In sum, at the onset of the 2008 recession there were 16 units of the federal government that were supposed to manage economic life and keep us from harm, yet harm befell us. No wand-waving faith healer has ever failed so conspicuously.